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Why do we need to keep fresh air at home and always open windows for ventilation

Update:13 Aug 2020

For air fresheners, many families have used them, wheth […]

For air fresheners, many families have used them, whether it is a spray type or a small tin box, whether it is one or two yuan a bottle or ten yuan a bottle, many people are accustomed to using it as a home odor or The main helper of fresh air, especially in the bathrooms of many families, air fresheners and fragrances have become "residents".
But when it comes to the use of air fresheners, many people may 250ml Automatic Refill have the illusion that as long as they use air fresheners, the air at home will be clean, but this is not the case. Song Guangsheng, director of the Indoor Environment Monitoring Center of the China Interior Decoration Association, reminded that most of the air fresheners are chemical synthetic agents and cannot purify the air. They only "dilute" the odor by dispersing fragrance to confuse the human sense of smell, but cannot remove the odorous gas.

There are also some air fresheners, because of the poor quality of the products, they themselves can become a source of air pollution. Director Song said that if the freshener contains impurities (such as methanol, etc.), it will be more harmful to human health when emitted into the air. These substances can cause human respiratory and nervous system poisoning and acute adverse reactions, such as headache, dizziness, itchy throat, and eye irritation. And some hygienic incense or incense, smoke particles produced after being ignited can also cause secondary air pollution in the home.

 If you want to keep fresh air in your home, opening windows for ventilation is the best way. If you have to use air fresheners at home, do not use them when infants, asthmatics, and people with allergies are at home. For the deodorization of toilets, don't rely too much on air fresheners, just make sure to clean them frequently.