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What is the reed aroma diffuser

Update:02 Sep 2020

Reed fragrance diffuser Reed Diffuser is the simplest a […]

Reed fragrance diffuser Reed Diffuser is the simplest and longest lasting essential oil incense, which allows the aroma of essential oils to be effectively spread in the air. So what is a reed diffuser? In fact, it is a fairly simple vessel filled with essential oils and reed stems to introduce the fragrance into the air.

A glass fragrance bottle is easy to get, no matter what shape, size, or color. Many bottles are transparent, so you can see the color of the essential oil in the bottle, at least you can see the position of the essential oil in the bottle to prevent the essential oil from overflowing. You can also use earthenware vessels if you want, but it is difficult to see the horizontal position of the essential oil when it is filled. We do not recommend the use of plastic bottles, because over time, plastic bottles will be damaged by essential oils. In recent years, how to use lavender essential oil at home using reed diffusers is very popular in the United States, and some people use it to make beautiful gifts.

All you need is a glass bottle with a volume of 6-8 ounces, and a reed rod (usually 12-15 inches, this also depends on the size of the glass bottle). Many shops are for sale. Some people put some colorful stones or glass beads at the bottom of the bottle to create a good visual effect. The reed diffuser is very safe even if you put it on your mouth. The scar removal method of lavender essential oil is not as dangerous as burning.

They can spread the aroma into the air without heating or burning. In particular, the reed stems introduce the aroma into the air through the bottom to the top of the bottle. These types of diffusers are very convenient to use and can be used continuously.