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What is the correct way to use glass cleaner

Update:24 Jul 2020

Glass cleaners generally have the function of removing […]

Glass cleaners generally have the function of removing dust and dirt on the surface of the glass; and some multifunctional glass cleaners have the above-mentioned properties, and also have the ability to form a bright film on the glass surface to achieve no traces, no water and prevent The purpose of fogging and preventing re-pollution keeps the glass bright and clean for a long time. Then, let's learn about the correct use of glass cleaner.
   Glass cleaner use method one

  1. Prepare the glass cleaning agent and water in proportion to make a cleaning solution and place it in the washing tank for washing. Prepare with pure water for better washing effect.

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  2. Standard technological process: Proportion: (4%-8%), heating: (55℃-65℃)

   Such as: AK-161 solution 1/2/3/4 cleaning agent ultrasound → 4 sprays → 5/6/7 pure water ultrasonic rinsing → 8 (slow pull dehydration) → 9/10 drying.

   Application range:

  Glass cleaning agent is suitable for the cleaning of flat glass, mobile phone covers, resin lenses, optical lenses and other optical glass, as well as the cleaning of glass after screen printing. It can effectively remove abrasives (cerium oxide, etc.), grinding fluid, glass particles or oily dirt after grinding glass or lenses, and does not contain substances prohibited by ROHS.

   Glass cleaner use method two

   1. The technical performance and application methods described in this description are for professionals' reference only, and are not a promise of use effects. For new products and changes in technology, rigorous feasibility tests must be done first to achieve the best results

  2. Seal the container when not in use to avoid children's contact; if you accidentally splash into the eyes, please rinse with clean water or go to the hospital for inspection.

   Glass cleaner use method three

   Immerse the work piece in the prepared working fluid, the glass cleaner until the oil is removed, and then rinse with running water for 1 to 2 minutes to remove residual contamination on the working surface. If there is slick oil or sediment in the working fluid, remove it in time. If the degreasing effect becomes poor, add optical glass cleaner or re-open the tank for preparation.