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What is an Aroma Air Freshener

Update:21 Sep 2020

Aromatherapy is the use of plant substances that have b […]

Aromatherapy is the use of plant substances that have been extracted into essential oils to encourage good health, equilibrium and well being. Essential oils are extracted from plant material (grasses, leaves, flowers, bark, wood, needles, twigs, roots and resins) from all over the world and have a very positive and powerful effect on enhancing the mind, body and spirit.

Any air freshener which contains natural essential oils as the main active ingredient may be considered to be an aroma air freshener. However, some commercial air fresheners may contain essential oils but still not be particularly good. That is, they may not be good for our health, or they may not be good for the environment.

This is because of the way they have been produced or because of the additional additives used. Big companies often try to get our custom by including some essential oil in their products. There are usually other ingredients included which make the product unsuitable from a green living standpoint and which may have a negative effect upon health.

Also, the quantity of real essential oil is often very small and the quality of oil used may be low. So how can we find the real thing? One simple answer is to make a homemade aroma air freshener. So how can you make your own essential oil aroma air freshener?

You can make your own Aroma Air Freshener quite easily whether you have an oil burner or not.

First, buy a selection of high quality essential oils, preferably organic ones, so that you can ring the changes and use different ones for different purposes. Buy the very best quality essential oils you can afford. This is because these oils are quite potent and, after all, you are breathing the scents so it is important that they are pure, preferably from accredited organic sources.