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What are the powerful cleaners for the toilet

Update:20 Mar 2020

Powerful detergents for toilet cleaning include toilet […]

Powerful detergents for toilet cleaning include toilet cleaners, clean toilets, powerful pipe dredging agents, bath cleaners, and blue bubble toilet cleaners.

1. Toilet cleaner is a cleaning product that cleans, sterilizes, and disinfects toilet bowls. It is specially designed for stubborn stains in the toilet bowl. It can quickly and effectively decompose stubborn dirt in the toilet bowl without scrubbing. Efficacy, cleaning can also kill hidden bacteria in the basin; bright and does not damage the surface of the toilet bowl.wholesale Aerosol Cleaner manufacturings





2. Jiejiejing is a cleaner for cleaning toilets and a sanitary cleaner. It is a sanitary cleaning product in Beijinglan Household Cleaning Series, which is owned by Jian Brand Workshop.
3. Powerful pipe dredging agent is a chemical cleaning product that can dredge the clogging of kitchen and toilet pipes. Highly concentrated alkaline, can quickly and effectively decompose and unblock various organic substances in the sewer pipes.

4. Bath and toilet cleaners can effectively and quickly eliminate toilet odors, odors, and clean air. Bath and toilet cleaners are mainly used in homes, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, public toilets, and mobile toilets.