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What are the main ingredients of spray air fresheners

Update:26 Aug 2020

When you walk into the homes of relatives and friends, […]

When you walk into the homes of relatives and friends, you will inadvertently smell a fragrance, which is sprayed with air freshener. Nowadays, air fresheners have become the most common way to purify the air environment and improve air quality in ordinary homes or some high-end leisure places. Some people questioned that "air fresheners are not "fresh", but long-term use is harmful to the body. Yesterday, the reporter visited the sales market and found that the composition of the spray air freshener was a mystery.

Recently, the reporter visited the washing area of ​​many supermarkets in Daximen and Xinlukou and found that more than 20 series of air fresheners have special counters. The colorful outer packaging is very attractive and the price is relatively cheap, so it is very popular with the public.

"Which one do you want, liquid or solid? The solid one is cheaper." A salesperson said that many customers choose solid, not only because of its low price, but also because it is easier to use: the first time you use it, tear off the seal and place it directly. Don't worry about it. For liquids, the lid must be opened and sprayed every time it is used, and the smell is not as long as that of solids.

On the shelf, 18 series of air fresheners are divided into three types: gas, liquid and solid; scents include jasmine, rose, lavender, lily, lemon, and Suxinlan, etc.; the lowest price solid air freshener is only 5.5 yuan , And the most expensive room purifying freshener is priced at 26 yuan; most of the liquid spray volume is 320ml, 330ml, and most of the solid is 60g, 50g. The production areas are mainly Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hebei and Guangzhou.

On the outer packaging, the ingredients of 6 solid fresheners and 1 liquid freshener are marked, mainly including high-quality fragrances, surfactants, and deionized water. However, the other 11 spray fresheners have no ingredients except for the instructions for use and precautions.