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What are the main ingredients of fragrance

Update:11 Apr 2020

Main ingredients: main fragrance, auxiliary agent, top […]

Main ingredients: main fragrance, auxiliary agent, top fragrance, fixative.

The main fragrance is also called the main fragrance. It is the basis for forming the main body of the fragrance e68a84e799bee5baa6e79fa5e9819331333431343133 rhyme. It is the basic raw material that constitutes various types of fragrance and fragrance. The largest amount is used in the formula. Therefore, the fragrance type that plays the role of the main fragrance must be as desired. The flavors of the prepared spices are consistent.

Auxiliary agents are also called raw materials for fragrance. The main function is to make up for the lack of the main fragrance. After adding adjuvants, the fragrance can be more perfect to meet the needs of different types of consumers.Wholesale Fresh air aroma Suppliers


The top fragrance type is also called top fragrance. The fragrance used as the top fragrance is highly volatile and has strong diffusive power. Its role is to make the fragrance of the fragrance more clear and transparent, and increase people's initial feeling of love.

The fragrance-setting type is also known as a fragrance-preserving agent. It is a kind of itself that is not volatile, and can inhibit the volatility rate of other volatile spices, slow down the volatility rate of the entire fragrance, and at the same time can make the fragrance characteristics or fragrance type of fragrance Always be consistent to maintain a long-lasting fragrance.