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What are the ingredients of kitchen cleaners?

Update:24 Apr 2020

Kitchen cleaners mainly have two hundred forms of liqui […]

Kitchen cleaners mainly have two hundred forms of liquid and foam, mainly composed of surfactants, solvents, emulsifiers, spices, water, and the liquid clarityKitchen Cleaner SuppliersFoam type Dr. Bai kitchen cleaner




When it is sprayed on the surface of the cleaning object, it will combine with the dirt or dissolve, but it needs running water to clean its residue. The foam type kitchen cleaner adopts a special formula, the foam is directly attached to the oil stain to combine or melt , It will not be as fluid as liquid cleaners, increase the dissolution time of the decontamination ingredients and oil stains in the kitchen, and strengthen the cleaning. It can quickly decompose stubborn oil stains and dirt content, spray directly on the oil stains, and use the cloth after the foam is removed. Wipe gently.