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What are the classifications of air fresheners

Update:10 Jul 2020

Air freshener is a chemical product that has been used […]

Air freshener is a chemical product that has been used in the field of environmental hygiene since the 20th century. It can be divided into:

1. Aerosol type: Refers to canned products using propellants.Aroma Air Freshener When using this type of product, the air freshener in the closed tank can be evenly sprayed out under the pressure generated by the propellant and form a suspended spray in the air.

2. Spray type: Refers to a mini spray product without propellant.


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Air fresheners have various flavors, such as single floral flavors (jasmine, rose, osmanthus, lily of the valley flowers, gardenia, lily, etc.), compound flavors, etc., but are basically composed of ether, fragrance and other ingredients Air fresheners can also be called "environmental perfumes", and various air fresheners have rapidly become popular in recent years.

Dosage form

At present, there are many types of air fresheners available in the market, and they can be divided into solid, liquid and aerosol if distinguished by appearance.

Liquid air fresheners generally use felt strips or filter paper strips as volatile substances into the liquid fragrance container to absorb the liquid to volatile fragrance. The "car perfume" placed on the bridge in the car's cab is such a product. The disadvantage is that the liquid spills when the container is overturned. Therefore, some manufacturers have recently produced containers made of "microporous ceramics", which can be sealed with a lid after the fragrance is loaded, and the fragrance is slowly emitted from the container wall. Aerosol-type air fresheners are currently the most popular, and they have many advantages: easy to carry, easy to use, and quickly diffuse fragrance.