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Various air fresheners are very common in the market

Update:10 Aug 2019

Various air fresheners are very common in the market. I […]

Various air fresheners are very common in the market. In the Xilin Comprehensive Wholesale Market in Dongxing District, almost every daily chemical product store can find various air fresheners. In addition to the common spray-type air fresheners, there are solid fragrances, as well as a bead-like fragrance that exudes aroma. The scent of these products is also varied: jasmine, osmanthus, rose scent... Some products have not been opened yet, but with a nose close to the smell, a fragrant aroma will come.

In several daily chemical shop visited, the reporter noticed that these fragrant products only indicated in the product introduction that the air purification molecules were used, but they did not indicate their specific components, and did not contain the “QS” mark, a.nd some valid terms. The products in 2011 have expired for more than a year and are still on the shelves for sale. In some supermarkets, the identity of these fragrant products is relatively perfect, not only the product ingredients, but also the precautions such as “not edible, away from children, placed below 5 degrees”.

Ms. Jiang, who has been engaged in the business of daily chemical products for many years, is also engaged in the beauty industry. She has also sold products such as air fresheners. She said that many products on the market do not indicate the main ingredients, and the price of sales is relatively cheap, but she understands The main ingredients used in general fragrances are made of perfumes and organic solvents. Some fragrances may also contain toxic or excessive organic solvents, which are harmful to health. To cover up these odors, too much spice is added. It is also the reason why many aromatics smell strong.