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To remove indoor odors, is it better to use air freshener or incense?

Update:27 Feb 2020

However, in the use of air fresheners, many people may […]

However, in the use of air fresheners, many people may have the illusion that as long as the air freshener is used, the air in the home is

clean, but it is not true. Air fresheners are mostly chemical synthetic preparations, and they do not purify the air. They only “fade” the

odor by framing the smell to confuse people's sense of smell. There are also some air fresheners, which are themselves a source of air pollution

because of poor product quality. Director Song said that if the freshener contains impurities (such as methanol), it is more harmful to human

health if it is emitted into the air. These substances can cause poisoning and acute adverse reactions in the human respiratory and nervous

systems, resulting in headaches, dizziness, itchy throat hair, and stinging eyes. And some sanitary incense or incense, smoke particles

generated after ignition will also cause secondary pollution of the home air. Therefore, if you want to maintain fresh air in your home, always

open windows for ventilation.



If you need to use air fresheners at home, do not use it in infants, asthma patients, and allergies. For the

deodorization of toilets, do not rely too much on air fresheners, as long as you ensure regular cleaning, you should be able to "please" the air

fresheners out of the house. Compared with various air fresheners in supermarkets, there are actually many natural "air fresheners" that can be

bought at farmers' markets. Put a tangerine in the bedroom. Its fresh scent can stimulate the nervous system's excitement, refreshing, clear the

dirty air, and beautify the indoor environment. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the fragrant taste of oranges can also

dampen, refresh the spleen, avoid filth, and open the consciousness. In addition to the refreshing and enlightening effect of oranges, when you

feel tired, have a full stomach, and don't want to eat, you can smell the orange's fragrance properly, which can also relieve discomfort. The

scent of oranges canChina Aerosol Car Cleaner Suppliers also calm and soothe people, and the soft colors of oranges give people a warm feeling, so putting oranges on the bedside

is also beneficial to promoting sleep. In addition, fragrant herbs such as tangerine peel and mint can also be used as natural flavoring agents.

Professor Chang said that at the moment, Huaihua fragrance and new tea are on the market. These are all "magic drugs" that can be used to

refresh indoor air.