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There are odors in the rooms and cars

Update:28 Dec 2019

There are odors in the rooms and cars. Many residents i […]

There are odors in the rooms and cars. Many residents in Neijiang will choose to use some fragrances or spray some air fresheners. However, it smells fragrant everywhere, does it really solve the problem once and for all? Maybe, just just covering the original odor with an odor, the odor is not only removed, but also adds harm-

Wang Wangjuan is a fragrance-loving person, and likes to use the air fresheners, fragrances and other scented products to add flavor to the room. Once, my cousin came to visit her at home and entered the room where she had just been sprayed with air freshener. She coughed and burst into tears. It turned out that my cousin had bronchitis and was a "good hand" to "check" whether the air was clean or not. When she encountered bad air, she had to cough. Wang Juan also had questions: "Is this air freshener not only not Clean air, but destroy it? "

Today, various air fresheners on the market are very common. At the Xilin Comprehensive Wholesale Market in Dongxing District, almost every daily chemical store can find various air fresheners. In addition to the usual spray-type air fresheners, there are also solid fragrances, and there is a bead-like fragrance that can emit fragrance. The fragrances of these products are also various: jasmine, osmanthus, rose scent ... although some products have not been opened yet, when you sniff close to your nose, a full-bodied fragrance comes out.

In the several daily chemical stores visited, the reporter noticed that these fragranced products only indicated in the introduction of the products that the air purification molecules were used, but their specific ingredients were not marked, and they did not contain the "QS" mark, and some expiration dates The products in 2011 have expired for more than a year and are still being sold on the shelves. In some supermarkets, the identity of these fragrant products is relatively complete, not only indicating the product ingredients, but also marked "not eatable, away from children, placed below 5 degrees" and other precautions.