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The spray is convenient to use uniform in dosage and has a wide application market

Update:12 Oct 2019

The spray is convenient to use, uniform in dosage, and […]

The spray is convenient to use, uniform in dosage, and has a wide application market. However, it is worth noting that the spray should be formulated in the environment required by the relevant variety, such as certain cleanliness, sterilization conditions and low temperature environment. Inhalation sprays and metered dose inhalers for nebulizers should be sterile. Spray production requires aseptic conditions and therefore has high requirements for production equipment. Among them, the spray filling machine is an indispensable equipment in the spray production process, and the cleaning degree of the spray filling machine has a close relationship with the quality of the spray.

The spray filling machine production line consists of a bottle unscrambler, a flat top chain conveyor (stepless speed regulation) and an automatic filling line for filling, discharging and sealing three stations. It is suitable for 15 -120m aluminum cans and plastics. Filling of cans and glass bottles, each station can realize all functions of bottle work and no bottle stop. There is no dripping during filling, and the valve device can be equipped according to customer requirements, or it can be used with bottle washing machine, oven and labeling. So how do you clean the spray filling machine to make the equipment cleaner?

Stainless steel piston pump quantitative filling, pneumatic upper cover, lifting screw cap. It has the advantages of accurate filling and metering, stable screw cap and simple operation. The upper cover positioning device ensures that the plastic tube of the nozzle can enter the bottle mouth accurately when it is too long or bent, and the filling needle is submerged into the bottom of the bottle for filling and slowly rising to prevent foaming.

Grasping flexible capping head, elastic adjustment. The low-level liquid storage tank is used for cleaning and disinfection. The filling system is equipped with shrinking function, no dripping, and the unique robot and guiding mechanism of the spray filling machine ensure that the spray cap reliably enters the bottle mouth and fills the needle. Dive into the bottom of the bottle and slowly rise to prevent foaming.

Keep the liquid filling machine pipeline clean. All pipes, especially the pipes that are indirectly or directly in contact with the materials, should be kept clean. The spray filling machine should be brushed every week. Every day, water must be sterilized every time to ensure filling. The machine is clean, and the material tank should be brushed and sterilized to ensure that there is no scale or bacteria in the parts in contact with the material.
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