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The common fragrances of air fresheners are

Update:28 Jun 2019

The common fragrances of air fresheners are: single flo […]

The common fragrances of air fresheners are: single floral type (jasmine, rose, osmanthus, lily of the valley, gardenia, lily, etc.), compound flavor, melon and fruit flavor (apple, pineapple, lemon, cantaloupe, etc.) , grass scent, "coast" scent, "perfume" scent (Su Xinlan), and some drivers like to use toilet water as a car freshener, compared with the general air freshener, the alcohol contained in the toilet water It also has an anti-virus effect.

Harm of air freshener

First, the polluted environment: the air freshener actually covers up the odor, and can not completely eliminate the odor, so it is released into the air, which is a kind of pollutant, and after it decomposes itself, it also produces harmful substances, and there are In the air freshener, there are some impurities, which are also environmentally polluting substances.

Second, the production of allergies: the ingredients contained in the air freshener are organic, most of them will cause allergies, and will also have some strong stimulation to the respiratory tract, especially for people who are allergic or allergic.

Third, lead to serious diseases: the aromatic substances contained in air fresheners can stimulate the human nervous system and affect the growth and development of children. The European Consumers Association, through investigations, found that air fresheners can even induce diseases such as cancer.

If you choose a more well-known brand of air freshener, it will be more reliable, but there are some air fresheners, because of the poor quality of the product, it will become a source of air pollution. If the freshener contains impurities (such as methanol), it will be more harmful to human health when it is released into the air. These substances can cause respiratory and nervous system poisoning and acute adverse reactions in humans, causing headaches, dizziness, itchy throat, and stinging eyes. And some hygienic incense or incense, the smoke particles generated after ignition will also cause secondary pollution of the home air. Therefore, in order to keep the home fresh air, it is the best way to open the window. If you have to use air fresheners at home, do not use them in infants, asthma patients, or allergies at home. For the deodorization of the toilet, do not rely too much on the air freshener. As long as it is cleaned, it should be able to “please” the air freshener out of the house. And there is a simpler way to remove the odor, such as putting an orange in the bedroom, its fresh smell, not only can stimulate the excitement of the nervous system, make people refreshed, but also clear the dirty air, beautify the indoor surroundings.