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The air fresheners sold on the market are classified into only three types

Update:26 Oct 2019

At present, the "air fresheners" sold on the market are […]

At present, the "air fresheners" sold on the market are classified into only three types: gaseous, liquid and solid. Gaseous air fresheners are available in both ozone and anion; liquid air fresheners are mainly prepared by dissolving various perfumes in organic solvents; solids are mainly composed of hygienic incense and incense. It consists of ethanol, flavor, deionized water, etc. The canned product also contains a propellant such as propane, butane or dimethyl ether, and is filled with a certain amount of compressed gas such as nitrogen. When used, the odor is dispelled to cover up the odor, and it cannot react with gases that cause odor such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc., and it is impossible to decompose or remove such harmful gases.
Therefore, "air fresheners" can only confuse people's sense of smell. In some places with particularly bad smells, such as toilets, they can really deodorize and reduce or eliminate people's uncomfortable feelings, but they can't Really achieve the role of clean air. Excessive reliance on or excessive use of “air fresheners” may pose a health hazard. When using air fresheners at home, the following points should be specifically made to reduce its side effects:
First of all, we must control the use of air fresheners. If you don't use them when you need them, you should use air fresheners to adjust the smell and create an atmosphere. You should also try to choose well-known brand products to prevent new air pollution.
Second, minimize contact with air fresheners. If spraying or igniting the air freshener at home, it is best for the family to leave the site and wait until most of the aerosol or aerosol particles have settled before entering;
Third, there are allergic people in the family, asthma patients, old and weak patients and infants, etc. It is best not to use air fresheners;
Fourth, we must do a good job of cleaning and sanitation at home, and fundamentally remove the roots of malodor. The indoor turbid air must be improved by means of window ventilation to reduce or not use air freshener. I hope to help.