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Oven cleaner instructions

Update:03 Apr 2020

With waste heat: Grease is easier to remove when it is […]

With waste heat:
Grease is easier to remove when it is warm, so you can wipe it with a dry cloth while the oven is still hot (not hot), or you can add water to the baking tray and heat it at medium temperature for a few minutes to fill the oven with warm water. Wiping can easily remove grease.
Use detergent:
The grease that is difficult to remove inside the oven can be wiped with a cloth dampened with a little neutral detergent. It should be noted that the cloth should not be wet or dripping, so as not to cause the oven to malfunction.
Use vinegar and lemonade
Wipe the cloth with vinegar water (water + white vinegar) or lemonade to wipe off, and it can also remove greasy dirt; add salt to the vinegar or lemonade for better cleaning effect.



Use flour:
When there is a large area of ​​dry oil stains in the oven, you can first spread flour to absorb oil, and then wipe it to clean, the effect is better.household oven cleaning spray Suppliers
Electric heating tube maintenance:
If there is any food broth dripping on the heating tube during baking, it will produce oil fumes and burn and stick to the heating tube. Therefore, it must be carefully scraped off after cooling to avoid affecting the performance of the heating tube.
Never use steel brushes:
To remove the scorched residue sticking to the baking tray or wire rack, first soak the baking tray or wire rack in warm water with a neutral detergent, and then gently scrub with a sponge or rag after about half an hour. Never use a steel brush To avoid scratching and rusting, wipe with a dry cloth immediately after washing.
If there is oily smell in the oven meat, it can be put in coffee grounds and heated for a few minutes to remove the odor.