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Is too much air freshener harmful to people?

Update:06 Mar 2020

The most obvious drawback of an air freshener is the ha […]

The most obvious drawback of an air freshener is the harm it may cause to the human body. There are many types of air fresheners currently on the market, but they are basically composed of ether, flavor and other components. Some of the components of the gas generated after chemical decomposition in the air are themselves air pollutants, which actually exacerbates the vehicle.



The degree of pollution of the internal air, long-term use will cause adverse irritation to the human body. In addition, the fragrance contained in air fresheners can also cause harm to the human nervous system and stimulate the respiratory mucosa of children. Another disadvantage of air freshener is that it does not decompose harmful gases and achieve the purpose of fresh air. Its role is to cover the odor by emitting aroma, instead of reacting with the gas causing the odor in the air, that is to say, the effect of the air freshener is not that it removes the harmful gas in the air, it just confuses the smell To "dilute" the odor.Pets Dry Shampoo Manufacturers