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Are solid air fresheners harmful?

Update:04 Jan 2020

Air fresheners are generally classified into solid, liq […]

Air fresheners are generally classified into solid, liquid and gas. Air anions and ozone in gaseous air fresheners are air pollutants in themselves; while liquid air fresheners made by mixing perfume with organic solvents such as alcohol, a large amount of aerosols formed during spraying will also pollute the air.

Therefore, the following points should be noted when using air fresheners:China 3volution Manufacturers

1. It should be used with caution when there are infants and young children, asthma patients, people with allergies and allergic diseases in the room.

2. When spraying or igniting the air freshener, it is best to temporarily evacuate the site and wait for most aerosols or particulate matter to settle before entering. It is best to open the doors and windows for ventilation before entering.





3. Gas and air fresheners should be used for toilet and bathroom deodorization.

4. Don't rely too much on air fresheners. You should find the source of the foul odors and thoroughly remove them to make the air in the room really fresh.

Scope of application:

1. Remove all kinds of irritating food odors in the kitchen, such as onion, garlic and fishy odor, as well as strong soot and other odors.

2. Dispel the smoke, musty, and other unpleasant odors in the bedroom, living room and bathroom.

3. Keep the air fresh in the office and some poorly ventilated places.

4, suitable for travel, refresh the smell of car compartments and hotel rooms.