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In winter the car windshield is easy to freeze

Update:21 Sep 2019

In winter, the car windshield is easy to freeze. The us […]

In winter, the car windshield is easy to freeze. The usual windshield de-icing method is to start the car engine. After the water temperature comes up, use the hot air blower to melt the ice on the windshield and then wipe the ice surface with a wiper. The disadvantage of this type of de-icing method is that it takes a long time for the car to get on the road.

This method of chemical deicing is used in this car glass deicing agent. It is simple and easy. As long as it is sprayed gently on the windshield of the solvent sprayer, the ice body on the glass can be melted immediately, and the car can be driven in a short time. Going on the road.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art mentioned above, the automobile glass de-icing agent can strongly de-ice the automobile windshield, and can prevent the automobile from being unable to start driving in the cold zone due to low-temperature icing, and is non-irritating and toxic to human skin. Very low, after the ice body melts, start the wiper to clean the glass.