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How to dearl with the frost on the window glass in the deep winter

Update:29 Jul 2020

In the deep winter, many riders have a headache due to […]

In the deep winter, many riders have a headache due to the frost on the window glass. Today the editor will bring you a few tips to remove the frost, which will make you more comfortable on the road in winter.

Method one: classic method

Warm air deicing is the easiest and best to use. Start the car, when the engine water temperature rises, use warm air to blow the glass until the ice melts. But this method also has certain drawbacks, that is, it is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and gas-consuming. If there is no more rain or snow after the car is received, you can wipe the water on the windshield clean, so as to avoid icing on the windshield again.

Tips: If it is snowing, wipe the windshield clean after receiving the car, and then cover the windshield with a layer of newspaper, so that the newspaper can be torn off when you leave the car, no need to worry There is ice on the windshield.

Car de-icer

Method 2: Manually take care of yourself

The owner of the physical deicing vehicle can prepare a hard plastic scraper. Of course, a special glass frost shovel can also be used. The glass frost shovel is more convenient and faster, and does not freeze hands. When there is snow and ice on the glass, use a plastic scraper or glass frost shovel to remove it. However, when removing ice and snow, prevent the glass from being scratched. Plastic scrapers or glass frost shovel cannot be scraped back and forth, and should be pushed in the same direction.

Method 3: High-end science

Chemical deicing There is currently a spray deicing agent on the market. It is a high-speed anti-icing spray concentrate designed to thaw frozen car windows and wipers. It does not damage the surface of the car body and can prevent re-freezing and staining. When the temperature is below minus 30℃, it can easily remove ice and snow. At the same time, it can also prevent the windshield and water from freezing, without damaging the surface of the car body, and the glass is smooth after cleaning, without leaving streaks.

Method 4: Keep the temperature consistent

After a day’s use of the car, don’t lock the car and leave. Instead, open the door for ventilation. When the temperature inside the car drops to the same temperature as outside (about one minute), then turn on the power. Use the wiper to brush the snow on the windshield again; at this time, close the door and lock the car. The next morning, as long as the snow on the windshield is removed, there is no ice under the snow, and you can drive on the road immediately.