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Fireless fragrance is also called loose fragrance

Update:29 Nov 2019

Fireless fragrance is also called loose fragrance. It i […]

Fireless fragrance is also called loose fragrance. It is the most common indoor fragrance in five-star hotels. It is usually placed in the bathroom. Evaporates into the air. After being released for a few months, you can leave it alone for a long time. Really suitable for lazy patients.

If you are worried about making mistakes, you can also start with Zumalong's freesia and English pear. Its smell is very suitable for a relaxed and pleasant home atmosphere. The texture is elegant, delicate and gentle, and it will never go wrong. And the light taste will not scare children.

The reason why I love the scented candle is because it gives people a primitive feeling, like when there was no electric light in ancient times, lovers met each other by candlelight, and the fire light was wonderful. In modern times, it is the representative of the mood. Good scented candles are made with ancient craftsmanship. They are handmade from appearance to oil. Natural plant essential oil is poured. The wick is made by hand kneading. In addition, cheap scented candles with bad oil are difficult to smell. There is smoke. ps. If a lover is invited to a candlelit dinner at home, a wonderful scented candle is essential.