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Choosing the Right Pets Dry Shampoo

Update:28 Oct 2020

Keeping your dog clean is good for his health, and it’s […]

Keeping your dog clean is good for his health, and it’s good for your nostrils. But unlike most humans, dogs don’t need frequent bathing, and in fact, giving your dog a bath more than once every six weeks or so can dry out his skin and strip away the healthy oils that keep his coat shiny and healthy. Dogs with double coats should be bathed every three or four months, while those with smooth, short fur can go even longer. Curly haired dogs should be bathed every six weeks to two months. If your dog is wired to roll in anything and everything disgusting, you can bathe him monthly, but be sure to use a very mild shampoo.

Skin Condition

Fortunately, today’s market offers products for both the sensitive and the dry skin. If your four-legged companion has dry, itchy, or flaky skin, investing into a quality moisturizing shampoo would certainly be the wisest decision. However, it’s equally important to consult with your local vet and find out what is the cause of the skin condition of your pet.

Look for the products that feature various relieving ingredients, such as cereal, honey, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Dry skin might also mean that your pup’s skin is a very sensitive one. This means that you’ll have to avoid scented products since fragrance can quickly become the source of further irritation. If you’re not exactly sure how to find such shampoo, simply purchase a fragrance-free one. If your pet’s skin is exceptionally itchy and he just can’t stop scratching himself, give your vet a call and ask him to provide you with a shampoo that contains hydrocortisone. In cases of unpleasant odor, on the other hand, you will want to consider a deodorant one. It eliminates the source of the bad smell, which is something that an ordinary shampoo is not capable of doing – but more on that later.

Consider your dog’s coat

There are many different dog species and they all have varying coats. While some dogs have double coats and thick fur, others have silky, fine hair. If your dog’s hair is fine and tends to knot up easily, you should consider buying a detangling shampoo. On the other hand, if you have a pet that sheds excessively you should look for shampoos that deal with this specific problem. If your dog’s coat is extremely white, it might turn yellow over time when you fail to use the right shampoo. A black dog’s coat can also lose its luster and look dull. However, if you find the right shampoo, you can maintain the original color of your dog’s coat. To avoid messing up the original color or dulling the luster of your dog’s coat, you should do some research before buying shampoo.


It is entirely rational for every canine to sometimes have that “doggy” odor. However, in case your pet has a really strong, unpleasant odor that simply won’t go away, you’ll have to purchase one of those deodorizing dog shampoos. These are capable of neutralizing the smell and leaving a light fragrance behind.

Unlike the regular, they work to remove the source of the odor – Buster shouldn’t have problems with the bad smell ever again. These kinds are also an excellent solution for the very adventurous pets that always find their way into garbage cans and other stinky objects and areas.


To add shine and flexibility to your pet’s fur, you’ll have to use leave-in conditioners. They are best when used during daily brushing or between the baths. If your canine friend has a very woolly undercoat or a very thick undercoat, you should use a light leave-in conditioner and thus prevent the product buildup.

With these products, just a little bit of conditioner goes a long way. Using too much of it is guaranteed to turn the coat of your pet into a real dust-magnet, so be very careful about the amount you use. Always start by adding just a small amount of it – it’s easy to add more if required.

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