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Can air fresheners kill cockroaches?

Update:14 Mar 2020

No. Air freshener, consisting of ethanol, essence, deio […]

Air freshener, consisting of ethanol, essence, deionized water and other ingredients, by smelling to cover up the odor and reduce people's uncomfortable odor.
How to kill cockroaches effectively:
1, washing powder
 A highly effective cockroach-killing agent, its effect is even better than some chemical pesticides. The method is to spread the washing powder on the place where the cockroaches may appear, and it will die after eating the washing powder.
2, hot soapy water kill cockroachwholesale Aerosol Cleaner manufacturings




Add a piece of soap to 4 liters of hot water and spray it directly on the cockroach after dissolving, which can effectively kill the cockroach.
3. Soda removal cockroach method

The sugar and soda powder are mixed in half and placed in a cockroach-infested area. After about 3-14 days, the cockroach disappears. It is said that this is also the most commonly used anti-cockroach recipe in the United States.
4, anti-cockroach method
 After dissolving an appropriate amount of boric acid in hot water, wipe the floor with a mop or rag. After drying, white boric acid crystals will penetrate into the floor gap, which can prevent cockroaches and ants.
5. Orange, lemon peel anti-cockroach method

The skins of oranges and lemons are dried or roasted and then placed in various cabinets. They not only have the function of fragrance, but also have a certain anti-cockroach effect.
6, Borax, flour, sesame sugar method

Blend a little borax with the flour and add a few drops of sesame oil. Make a group. Roll the paper into a tube shape and place the prepared bolus in the paper tube.
7, cockroach catch method

Take 1-2 canned bottles, put 3 spoons of sugar water, add half a bowl of boiling water to make bait, place the bottle in the place where the cockroaches move. After the cockroaches smell the sweetness, they will climb into the canister "trap".
8, Tung oil catching cockroaches

Buy 100-150 grams of tung oil, heat it to make a viscous colloid, and coat it around a 15 cm square wooden board or cardboard. Put greasy, scented food as a bait in the middle, and cover other foods so as not to steal it. When cockroaches are foraging, they can be stuck as long as they crawl to a place with tung oil.

1. Cockroaches are omnivorous insects. They are hungry and thirsty.
2. When cockroaches are extinguished at home, the water source should be blocked, the faucet should be dead, and the water traces should be wiped. Use a pen to scratch or place poison baits around the base of the pool, urinal, or refrigerator to make the cockroaches contact poisoning when taking water or feeding. .