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Are chemical deodorants harmful?

Update:15 May 2020

Chemical deodorization generally includes two types: Od […]

Chemical deodorization generally includes two types: Odor masking method: that is, masking odors with aromatics, this method is only liked by people with brain disabilities, such as placing aromatic essential oils in cars, the eyes of smoked people ca n’t be opened. dizziness. There is also an air freshener, and I want to vomit when I smell it. The masking method is actually the original odor plus poisonous fragrance, which is more harmful to the environment and the human body. Chemical reaction method: that is, use sterilizing or disinfecting chemicals to deodorize by killing bacteria or chemically reacting with the smelly substances, such as isothiazolinone, trichloroisocyanide, etc., the deodorization effect is very good, and it is good for the human body Harmless.deodorant Suppliers



Usually used in toilets, septic tanks, landfills and other places with odor. Biological deodorization is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly degree. It decomposes and eliminates the source of odor through biological oxidation. It has a wide range of deodorization and inhibits the number of anaerobic bacteria or other harmful bacteria through the balancing effect of bacteria. It produces odor, quoting the text upstairs "He decomposes organic matter through microorganisms and beneficial fungi, etc., blocks the organic matter to produce ammonia and hydrogen sulfide (odor), and produces and reproduces harmful bacteria. Therefore, the microorganism deodorizes The agent is thorough and absolutely environmentally friendly. "