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Are air fresheners really effective to clean the air

Update:17 Jul 2020

In the use of air fresheners, many people may have the […]

In the use of air fresheners, many people may have the illusion that as long as the air freshener is used, the air in the home will be clean, but it is not. Most air fresheners are chemically synthesized preparations and cannot purify the air. They just "blend" the odor by dispersing Mini Air Freshener Spray the smell to confuse people's sense of smell, and cannot remove the odorous gas. There are also some air fresheners, because of the poor quality of the product, it will itself become a source of air pollution.

If the freshener contains impurities (such as methanol, etc.), it will be more harmful to human health if it is released into the air. These substances can cause poisoning and acute adverse reactions in the respiratory and nervous systems of the person, causing headaches, dizziness, itchy throat, and stinging eyes. And some sanitary incense or incense, the smoke particles generated after ignition will also cause secondary pollution of the air in the home. Therefore, to keep the home fresh air, often open windows to ventilate is the best way.

If you have to use an air freshener at home, do not use it at home for infants, children with asthma, or people with allergies. For the deodorization of toilets, don't rely too much on air fresheners, as long as you keep cleaning, you should be able to "please" the air fresheners out of the house. Compared with all kinds of air fresheners in supermarkets, there are actually many natural "air fresheners" available at farmers' markets