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And how much fire can Anton aerosol fire extinguishers extinguish?

Update:26 Mar 2020

Can only extinguish a certain volume of fire, about 2-2 […]

Can only extinguish a certain volume of fire, about 2-25 square meters of fire
Aerosol fire extinguishers use a certain chemical and physical method to spray out the fire extinguishing agent in the state of aerosol to extinguish the fire.China Aerosol Cleaner Manufacturers
The fire extinguishing principle of aerosol fire extinguishers is that solid solid fire extinguishing particle generators filled therein decompose a large amount of highly efficient fire extinguishing substances under the interaction of potassium salt gas generating agents.



It ’s like we wash our hands with soap. The solid fire extinguishing particle generator is soap, and our hands are equivalent to a gas-generating agent. Only under the interaction of fingers and soap can soap bubbles be produced for cleaning purposes.
The aerosol fire extinguishing material produced by the interaction of the fire extinguishing agent and the gas generating agent is equivalent to "soap foam" to respond to the fire. There is a portable aerosol fire extinguisher that is very suitable for vehicles. According to its characteristics, it is very suitable for extinguishing automobile fires.