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Air freshener also known as environmental perfume

Update:16 Aug 2019

Air freshener, also known as “environmental perfume”, i […]

Air freshener, also known as “environmental perfume”, is the most common method for purifying the air environment inside the car and improving the air quality. Because of its convenient carrying, simple use and low price, the air freshener has become a driver friend to purify the air inside the car. First, it works very simply. It is a small amount of agent added to the malodorous substance, which is deodorized by chemical reaction and uses a strong aromatic substance to hide the odor.

Therefore, many air fresheners are not actually in the car. The odor removal is just to cover up the odor with a pleasing fragrance. The common fragrances of air fresheners currently on the market are: single floral type (jasmine, rose, osmanthus, lily of the valley, gardenia, lily, etc.), compound flavor, melon and fruit flavor (apple, pineapple, lemon) , cantaloupe, etc., grassy scent, "coast" scent, "perfume" scent (suulin), and some drivers like to use toilet water as a car air freshener, compared with general air fresheners The alcohol contained in the toilet water also has an anti-virus effect. 3 major advantages 1, the price is cheap. This is the most obvious advantage of air fresheners.

At present, the price of air fresheners sold in the general market is between 15-30 yuan, which is cheaper than car perfume. 2, easy to use. The commonly used air fresheners are all aerosol-type, that is, spray-on-use, and do not require any in-car facilities. 3. There are many fragrances to choose from. For some scented drivers, especially female drivers, the fascinating aroma of air fresheners is also the main reason to attract them. 2 major defects The most obvious defect of air fresheners is the damage that the ingredients it contains may cause harm to the human body. There are many kinds of air fresheners currently on the market, but they are basically composed of ether, essence and other components. These gases are chemically decomposed in the air and some of the components themselves are air pollutants, which actually intensifies the car.

The degree of contamination of the internal air, long-term use will cause adverse stimulation to the human body. In addition, the fragrance contained in the air freshener may also cause harm to the human nervous system, and stimulate the respiratory mucosa of the child. Another disadvantage of air fresheners is that they do not decompose harmful gases and achieve fresh air. Its function is to cover the odor by emitting aroma, instead of reacting with the gas that causes odor in the air. That is to say, the effect of the air freshener does not eliminate the harmful gas in the air, it just confuses the human sense of smell. To "fade" the smell