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Ailet Adhesives Original article

Update:21 Jun 2019

Ailet Adhesives Original article: Brake Cleaner - Solve […]

Ailet Adhesives Original article: Brake Cleaner - Solvent Cleaner Product Description The AireSF 7235 offers the following product features: Technical Solvent Cleaner Chemical Type Hydrocarbon Mixture Appears Colorless Clear Liquid LMS Bonding Not Applicable Brake Cleaner Specific Interests.

Bundle the brake dust and remove it to minimize the health hazard of breathing brake dust. Specific applications Remove dirt, tar, grease, primer, wax, non-hardened polyurethane foam and most non-hardening solvent based coatings.

Brake Cleaner - Solvent Cleaner Ailete SF7235 is a solvent formulation used to remove dirt, grease, brake fluid and brakes from brake calipers, drums, discs, cylinders, liners, linings, shoes and peripheral components. Dust deposits. It has a spray can for easy use. Thanks to its excellent wetting, the product is suitable for brakes and clutch systems that are still equipped with asbestos components. This product is not recommended for cleaning plastic or rubber parts. Typical characteristic specific gravity @ 20°C 0.72 to 0.732LMS viscosity at 25°C, mPa·s(cP)<3 drying time @ 20°C, second 180 refractive index 1.384 to 1.396LMS water content, DIN 51777-1≤0.1LMS See the MSDS for flash points.